In a world where processes change day by day, and the speed of change is so fast that not everyone can follow, it is necessary to have the best risk adjustment advice.


Improve the quality of your medical service using our extensive experience in the market.



We offer a full service of medical training and education to keep abreast of all medical advances to the staff of your organization.


Do not allow discontinued knowledge and get to offer the best possible medical service with the continuous medical education that we have to offer

Is your organization in need of better ICD-10 accuracy? Let us help you find talented candidates who can fulfill your coding needs efficiently and accurately. We also offer Coding Compliance Audit Services designed to identify deficiencies that may impact revenue and data quality by focusing not only on incorrect coding but also data abstraction errors and gaps in provider documentation.


Complement your EMR with clinical, imaging, and financial workflow solutions designed for the special needs of your critical and complex care areas. Dr. Mra Consulting can help you optimize clinician productivity, patient care, and financial performance. Our solutions will help you quickly access the patient information you need and reduce redundancy and extra steps.

Dr. Mra Consulting utilize health science education, critical thinking skills and medical experience to collaborate with clients in order to provide a variety of medical record and clinical review services and written work products based on the needs of the client, and the complexity of the case.


 Our advice includes medical record chronologies, timelines, analysis of medical issues, identification of deviations in standard of care, causation assessment, alternative causation and analysis, and identification of clinical experts or missing medical records.

The push towards value-based delivery models has resulted in an increasing interest in population health management.


The proliferation of digitized data resulting from the adoption of electronic systems represents a potential gold mine of information needed to achieve aim of improved patient care, improved population health, and lower per capita costs. Unfortunately, the volume and disparate nature of this data makes it difficult for organizations to glean meaningful insights about their populations from it, resulting in critical care gaps and the unnecessary utilization of resources.


To compete successfully in a changing market landscape, we put at your disposal our experience in the optimization of all your medical services

Coding expertise is a must for RADV audits, which are becoming a yearly part of most insurers’ workflows.


The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) intends to significantly increase risk adjustment data validation (RADV) audits, including yearly audits for both Medicare and small group/individual commercial insurance, as required by the Affordable Care Act (ACA).

Count on us at each audit and feel confident at all times.

OptimiZE your medical serviceS process wITH us.

Current education for better services

We have the answer for aN ENHANCED ICD10 Coding Accuracy and EMR Integration

Our experience available to you

Reach OUT your maximum potential


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